Scofield, Gregory (Métis). I Knew Two Métis Women. Gabriel Dumont Institute, 1999. Poetry/music.

3. I-Knew-Two-Metis-Women (Scofield)

Publisher’s description: Gregory Scofield’s I Knew Two Métis Women recreates the world of his childhood and celebrates his Métis family. The unforgettable voices of his mother Dorothy Scofield and aunt Georgina Houle Young wind through the book, telling tall tales, soothing hurts, offering love and sly humour as an antidote to hardship, poverty, violence, and prejudice. When words alone no longer suffice, the women turn to the music of country and western legends whose songs reflect and refract their lives. The poems reveal that integrity and beauty exist alongside hardship and oppression. The two companion CDs include Scofield’s dynamic reading accompanied by the voices and music of an impressive group of performing artists including John Arcand, Maria Campbell, Tantoo Cardinal, Andrea Menard, and Donny Parenteau.

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